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4 live web cameras in Asahi City

You can see live pictures from 4 locations in Asahi City.

Location of the live web cameras

Asahi Health Welfare Centre
You can see the sea and waves of the Kujyukuri beach from this camera. You might like to check this camera during strong weather, e.g. a typhoon, or you may want to check it out before you go swimming or surfing.
Unakami City Hall Branch (roof top)
You can see the Unakami Community Exercise Park from this camera. You could have a look at this camera feed and watch a local baseball game held there.
Gyobu Cape Observatory
You can see the magnificent view of the Kujyukuri coastline from this camera. During a typhoon or strong weather, you could see the sea in full force. However, if the weather is really good, and you are lucky, you might see Mt. Fuji!?
N.B. Due to the placement of this camera, visibility in strong winds is not good.
Hikata City Hall Branch (roof top)
You can see the rice fields of Hikata Hachi Mangoku. You can watch this camera to learn a little about the process of rice planting and harvesting.

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Live Camera 1: Asahi Health Welfare Center Live Camera 2: Unakami City Hall Branch Live Camera 3: Iioka Gyobu Cape Observatory Live Camera 4: Hikata City Hall Branch ライブカメラ1(あさひ健康福祉センター)